16 Quick Science Based Facts About Crystals
By: Silvia Gutierrez
May 2017

Tools to Help you Get Out of a Funk
By: Silvia Gutierrez
May 2017

“How To Choose the Right Type of Spiritual Reading for Every Occassion”
by Britta McBride
December 2016

“A Mystical Season”
by CJ Shelton, Artist & Shamanic Practitioner
June 2016

“About Essential Oils”
Source: Young Living Canada Website
April 2016

“Debunking the Myths of Tarot and Embracing Tarot’s Benefits”
by Britta McBride
March 2016

“Happy New Year 2016”
by Silvia Gutierrez
December 2015

“Closing 2015 with love and gratitude”

by Silvia Gutierrez
December 2015

“New Ways for New Days”

by Marta Mazyk
December 2015

“Embracing the Dark As the earth sinks into a deep rest”

By CJ Shelton | Artist & Healing Arts Practitioner
November 2015

“God Is a Kid”

by Marta Mazyk
November 2015

How To Choose the Right Type of Spiritual Reading for Every Occassion

By Britta McBride

Here at Breakthrough Centre, we offer many different types of spiritual readings and consultations. We are often asked about the difference between mediumship readings, oracle card readings and tarot readings. To that end, we’ve created some general explanations of reading styles below. It is important to know that a reading is NOT the same as an energy healing. While many mediums and card readers are also energy healers, this is offered as a separate service.

When booking a reading, we may ask a client a bit about their situation. This is so we can match the client up with a practitioner that best fits their needs. If you tell us that you are interested in contacting a loved one on the other side, we would suggest a mediumship reading. If you tell us that you would like some guidance on discovering your life purpose or on overcoming a blockage, we may direct you toward a tarot or oracle reading. If you tell us that you are feeling heavy energy blockages, you may actually be looking for something like Reiki or Shamanic Healing as opposed to a reading.

A good reader will be able to explain exactly what type of reading they do, how they receive their messages, and what tools they use in conducting their readings. Additionally, once you explain your situation and what you are looking for, a good reader will be able to tell you whether their abilities fit your needs, (and recommend someone better suited if they do not).

To give you a basic idea of what to expect in different types of readings, we’ve complied a general explanation below:

  • Mediumship:

A mediumship reading involves the practitioner connecting with an external being – a departed loved one, an angel, or a spirit guide – and delivering information from these sources to provide messages of comfort or guidance. The medium relays the messages that are being given to them. Some readings are “channeled”, meaning that the practitioner allows the spirit or being to use their body to directly deliver the message to the client. Not all mediumship-style readings will be channeled. Mediums can use different tools or rituals to connect with those on the other side and every medium differs in the tools that they prefer to use. For example, while one medium may use sound tools to help bridge their connection, another may prefer using sage or incense. Some mediums prefer not to use any tools at all. It is important to note that while some mediums do use cards….not every card reader is a medium. So if your intention is to connect with a spirit or angel, you are looking for a medium, specifically.

  • Oracle/ Angel Card Reading:

All angel cards are oracles…..but not all oracle decks are angel cards. A deck of “angel” cards simply means that the oracle deck is angel themed. Oracle decks can have a wide variety of themes. Unlike Tarot, there are oracle decks that have been created for different uses; some decks are geared towards past life issues, some are focused on love, some are focused on life purposes. Oracle cards are a tool used to provide guidance. A reading with oracle cards will typically center on the client and his/her situation, providing advice and guidance. Again, while some oracle card readers may be able to receive additional messages for you from spirit…..that is entirely dependent on the reader. The focus of an oracle card reading is YOU and your energy/blockages/path of healing etc. If you are looking to connect with a departed loved one (unless the reader specifically indicates that this is something they are able to do) then you are looking for a mediumship reading. As a side note, some oracle decks are able to give yes or no answers to specific questions, but not all oracles are designed this way.

  • Tarot Reading:

Like oracle cards, tarot cards have different themes (Egyptian, Arthurian, Fairy tales, Zombies, etc.), but where oracle card decks can have different purposes (love, past life, finance, life purpose, etc.), tarot is multipurpose. This is because tarot decks follow a very structured format – each deck is made of up 78 specific cards (56 minor arcana and 22 major arcana). The archetypes and symbolism of these 78 cards can be applied to many different situations and issues. Oracles on the other hand, do not have a standard structure, therefore they can be created for a specific purpose. A tarot reading is about YOU. It shows patterns that create blockages, reveals inner motivations, and uses symbolism to shed light on situations so that you can shift those situations to a higher path and experience healing. Most tarot readings are not predictive, but are used as tools of growth and guidance. Additionally, unless the reader states that they are able to receive messages from departed loved ones or spirits, mediumship is not a guaranteed feature of a tarot reading.

Now that you are more clear what different types of readings offer, you’ll be better prepared when you come visit us to book a reading!

16 Quick Science Based Facts About Crystals

This time I thought I would create a quick summary of science based facts about crystals, why and how they work. I have also included a couple of ideas on how to work with them.

I hope you enjoy it!

Note: The terms crystals and stones will be used interchangeably after fact number 4.

  1. Crystals are minerals with a repeating crystalline geometric structure in its molecules (repeating pattern). They are not organic, which means that they are not made up of something that was alive at any point in time (resins and fossils are organic)
  2. There are other types of minerals that have healing properties, but they are not crystals. Stones for example, do not have a crystalline molecular structure; they have a random anatomic pattern, as well as glass (such as obsidian). Fossils and resins, such as amber also have healing properties.
  3. Stones can also be composed of various minerals; for example, Lapis Lazuli is a stone and it is made up of a mix of several minerals: Lazulite, pyrite, calcite, etc.
  4. Crystals and stones have the property of influencing other objects to vibrate in harmony with them. They change frequencies around them and that influences emotional and physical healing.
  5. They have a Dominant Oscillary Rate that is super stable. This means that they constantly vibrate at the same rate, unlike us humans, who have many different oscillary rates for different parts of the body and through different emotions. This is why we are so easily thrown out of balance.
  6. Having crystals around us will help us be more stable and “deteriorate” at a slower rate. Crystals help us create vibratory coherence in our system.
  7. Crystals can manifest their sacred geometric structure visibly in the way they grow in nature.
  8. Energy flows in the same direction that a crystal grows, so if you want to direct the energy of a crystal towards a specific point it is better to use a rough piece versus a polished one.
  9. The Electro- Magnetic Field of a crystal will depend on its size and shape. A cluster will have a bigger EMF than a single crystal of the same kind and approximately same size.
  10. Connecting crystals energetically will increase their EMF and potency exponentially. This is why crystal grids are so powerful.
  11. Crystals of the same crystalline structure and mineral family will work better together and will enhance each-others properties more easily.
  12. Use color coding to know what crystals you can use to help with different issues. What I mean is that if the issue is around your belly area (close to the solar plexus chakra), chances are that a yellow stone can help it. If you have a communication issue then go for a blue stone, and so on. Using info about the chakras and your intuition you can find the perfect crystal for most occasions.
  13. Crystals don’t absorb and or hold negativity, they can only get thrown out of their optimal vibratory rate, but they will get back in balance soon. However, for a crystal to be thrown out of balance, it needs to be submitted to a really intense event.
  14. You can use crystals to protect yourself from pollution emitted by electronics. The best ones to use are: magnetite, shungite and black tourmaline.
  15. You can infuse water with the energy of crystals and use it to create sprays, elixirs, to cook with and if you infuse your drinking water it is a very powerful source of healing and an easy way to raise your vibration. Be careful how and which crystals you use, some are TOXIC!
  16. A crystal bath is another pleasant and powerful way to work with a crystal. I recommend you to do your research on which crystals you can use, some can get damaged by water or be toxic.


Tools to Help You Get Out of a Funk

By: Silvia Gutierrez

The last few months we have gone through some really powerful and challenging astrological / energetic phenomena.

I have felt the effects personally and I have heard so many people talk about the same “symptoms” that I am experiencing.

What I have been hearing about is words such as: lack of focus and lack of energy, the need to sleep more, difficulty focusing and remembering things, heaviness around the gut or heart area (energetic in nature), etc. …

Sometimes when you are going through one of these periods it is difficult to know what to do in order to recover and feel better.

This is what prompted me to share with you some resources that you can use to manage these energies and to help integrate the changes

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar, or maybe you’ll just feel that what I am about to describe can help you in some way.  Either way, I hope you enjoy trying some of these out:

o Add one cup of salt (Epson, sea salt or,,, even better, Himalayan salt) and 1.5 cups of baking soda.
o Add 1 – 2 cups of salt and essential oils. Some good oils for emotional or energetic release are geranium and bergamot. A wonderful & powerful blend to use is ylang ylang, lavender, geranium and sandalwood. Please you use a good quality (pure) essential oil, do some research, it is important. When using a pure oil you will need about 15 drops total.
o Add apache tear or tourmaline; you can combine with amethyst. Any type of tourmaline is great for emotional release, and black tourmaline is particularly good to work with fears, anxiety and stress, besides emotional release.

When you take a healing bath it is very important that you set you intention clearly. Once the tub is full say a small prayer, call on your angels, guides etc. so they make the space safe for the healing about to take place. Ask them for help on what you want to accomplish and “infuse” the water with that same intention. Add the elements to the water and get in.
During your bath watch your breath. Make a conscious effort to use your breath to help move the energy inside you, to help gather it and to release it. You can do a guided meditation or simply focus on it yourself. Once you feel that you are done don’t rinse, just towel dry. Don’t forget to thank your angels and guides for their support and protection.
It could be a good idea to journal after you have a healing bath.

Write! Writing is a great tool to release heavy energies and to help us gain insight on what we’re feeling. Many times, while writing or reading what we’ve written we get a deeper understanding of what we are feeling and why. We might also understand what we need to do next.

There are a few specific writing exercises that you can choose from.
o Journaling is a great tool in itself. Don’t think too much, don’t edit or look for the “right” words, just write what comes to mind, as it comes. Write everything. Remember that you don’t have to let anyone read what you have written. It is just for you so, go crazy. Write your feelings, questions, emotions. Write things that you want to say  that might not be a appropriate or would be offensive to say outloud. It is ok to do so, you’re just writing for release and you can even burn the paper after, no one has to see it.
o Gratitude lists. Gratitude is like a magic wand, it changes things for the better. It changes our vibrations and it can even help bring changes in circumstances and difficult situations. You can write little gratitude notes every day and read some when you’re feeling down or read them all on a special date (like Thanksgiving). You can also write a gratitude list every morning or every night. Have your family participate too if you’d like
o Read & Work through “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnack. This is a book that guides you through 365 days of short readings and easy activities that can change your life. You can also use her Gratitude Journal which gives inspirational quotes and a daily space for your gratitude notes. You can make reading this book part of your morning routine and use it year after year for a continuous source of comfort and inspiration.
o Do the “Miracle Exercise”. Melody Beattie created this exercise when she was going through a very hard period in her life. It helped her improve her life in all areas and I have used myself in the past to help me through a rough patch. It is really powerful.
The Miracle Exercise is based on gratitude as well, but it gives it a different spin. On her book “Make Miracles in Forty Days”, Melody explains the process and why this exercise works so well. I would recommend that you read the book first, it is a very small and easy to read book, you’ll be done in no time.
The exercise goes like this:
First, write what you would like your life to look like. Write how you want to feel, what you’d like to have and do. Then choose the miracle you want to create (or miracles).
After that, for 40 days you will start the day by writing a list of situations, feelings and people that are problematic at the moment, basically you need to write a list of all that’s wrong with your life now, the trick here is that at the top of your list you need to write the following words every day: “Today I am grateful that…”
That’s right, it is a gratitude list for all that sucks. This doesn’t mean that you actually feel grateful for these things or people; you’re only saying that, you are acknowledging, honoring and integrating REAL feelings and emotions.Granted, there might be some things that we are just not willing to “say” we’re grateful for. Melody talks about how the death of her son is one of those things for her, however she talks about how instead of including that on the list, she includes the feelings around it. Like “today I am grateful for the guilt, pain, anger, etc.”
It is important that you write your list within 30 minutes of waking up, and that you write what you feel, without editing or embellishing it.
The Miracle exercise is designed to be done with a partner, but if you want to do that please DO read the book first, it is important to know the process well.
You can start by trying it out on your own.
If your miracle hasn’t happened by day 40 you might want to continue, maybe your miracle requires longer than that and you might want to keep working on it. If the results you’re getting inspire you to do so, keep doing the exercise after day 40. There’s really no time limit for it.

Energy work! Energy balancing or clearing can help release stagnant energy and energy blockages that could’ve translated into emotional and physical discomfort. You can choose from a great variety of modalities such as reiki, shamanic, crystal healing, reflexology and many more. If you are a practitioner don’t forget to use the tools on YOURSELF! I forget all the time.

Crystals! Using crystals is a wonderful way to help us navigate the difficult times. You can use crystals in many ways and there are also hundreds of options to choose from, so I would recommend to use your intuition and not question it. If you set the intention to find a crystal that can help you, you WILL find the perfect one for you, as long as you listen. Once you have picked the crystal(s) you can choose to do any of the following:
o Meditate with it. All you need to do is to hold the crystal on your receiving hand (or whichever hand feels right) and follow a guided meditation or just sit quiet and explore the sensations, feelings and thoughts that come to you. Write down anything that seems important or intriguing, you might want to refer back to it later. You can also lay down and place the crystal on you, where it feels right.
o Do a crystal layout. This means to place crystals on your body as you lay down. This is a powerful way to transmute and strengthen your energy field. It can also be used to release or balance energies and to help with pain management / relief. You would need to do a bit of research on it or come see us for a professional crystal session.
o Place the crystals within your energy field. You can carry the crystals in your pocket, have them on your desk at work, on your night table or under your pillow while you sleep.

Use essential oils! High quality essential oils are wonderful tools too. Essential oils can be used by inhaling (diffuse the oil cold for best results, heat alters the structure of the oil and its effect). You can also apply topically by using a roll-on bottle, a spray or just rubbing on the skin (please make sure to check for appropriate dilution ratios and particular oils that CAN be applied topically).
So, there.
These are some good ways to deal with stressful and “difficult” times. They can all become part of your self-care routine, so choose the ones you resonate with and try them out.
I hope you find this article useful and don’t hesitate to share your experience via email or our Facebook page.
Happy clearing!

A Mystical Season
by CJ Shelton, Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

The promise of summer can be tangibly felt right now as each day the sun gets warmer, the days longer and the air takes on the scent of freshly turned soil and green leaves. This is a time of awakening, regeneration and renewal as the natural world is sweet and virgin again, like a young maiden.

This annual re-awakening prior to the heat of summer is a metaphor for what may be stirring in our own lives and asking to be born, or re-born, as the case may be. For those of you who have found your way to Breakthrough Centre you are obviously a seeker. And whether you are only just becoming interested in the spiritual path or life circumstances have up to now limited your time and opportunities, spring and summer is the perfect time to let yourself explore and play as the energies in the natural landscape gently support you.

As a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner and spiritual ‘coach’ I work daily with energy, Nature and the world of Spirit, assisting clients in finding ways to express the spirit that moves within them. If you have been to Breakthrough Centre you may have seen some of my mandala designs hanging in the reading nook or experienced a shamanic healing or counselling session with me. The circular form, or ‘mandala’, is a tool I use extensively to help understand and make sense of both our inner and outer worlds as well as the rhythms, cycles and seasons of life. In my art I explore the symbolism of earth-based cultures and spiritual traditions and in my mandala workshops I help awaken the spirit in others using creative process.

I also teach a variety of fundamental courses to assist those wanting to learn about the more mystical aspects of the Circle of Life. With the hectic pace of our lives it isn’t easy to sort through the volumes of information ‘out there’, especially alone and without guidance. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming. When my own spiritual journey began oh-so-many years ago, I simply followed my curiosity which led me in and out of many, many different subjects and practices. Some ideas resonated and some didn’t. Some gave me goosebumps … in a good way. Some gave me chills and were downright weird. Some teachers inspired me so much they have become life-long guides and mentors. And some teachers I determined were only coming from ego and a need to fill their bank accounts, rather than a desire to impart true wisdom. But what all these experiences had in common is that they were leading me along a path of ‘breadcrumbs’, at my own pace, allowing me to digest, discern and ultimately decide for myself … what truly resonates for me? What do I believe in?

It is with pleasure that I am now offering my popular intro course called “Into the Mystical” at Breakthrough Centre this summer to give you the opportunity to ask that very same question. Beginning Wednesday evening, June 29, this seven week ‘sampler’ will take you on an experiential journey of discovery, whether you are a ‘newbie’ looking for a place to start, or re-aligning yourself again to a more holistic way of being in the world.

The objective of this course is to give a brief introduction to a broad variety of subjects and provide a ‘circle’ or safe container to indulge your curiosity as you share wisdom and experiences with like-minded souls. Together we will explore the origins and basic premises of energy work, meditation, tarot cards, personality typing, teaching wheels, symbolic vision and realms beyond our own. Your take-away will be to collect some ‘breadcrumbs’ of your own and find answers to the same question I asked myself 20 plus years ago: “what resonates for me?”

If this sounds like a journey you are ready to embark on, please contact Silvia to register. I look forward to meeting you in the circle!

CJ Shelton
Exploring Art, Life and the Spiritual Journey through the Symbol of the Circle


About Essential Oils
Source: Young Living Canada Website

Have you experienced essential oils in spa treatments or bath and body care products? These uses are only part of the remarkable essential oils story. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to something they may never have dreamed possible.

Essential oils are not only primarily extracted through careful steam distillation, but also through cold pressing. Any time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are holding the pure essence of botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, and incorporated into massage:

Support your lifestyle
Modern lifestyles don’t always create optimal conditions for the body. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and an overabundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and diminish energy levels.
Feel vital every day with the whole food-based nutrients found in NingXia Red.

Purify your home
Harsh chemical formulas aren’t your only home cleansing option. Enjoy peace of mind without compromise when you polish countertops, clean sticky messes, and cleanse dirty surfaces with the gentle but effective power of our Thieves™ line of products.
Young Living offers you convenient options for harnessing essential oils’ cleansing abilities and pleasant scents. Replace the harsh cleansers in your home with our versatile products: Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Spray
More information on Essential Oils Through Breakthrough Centre


Debunking the Myths of Tarot and Embracing Tarot’s Benefits
By Britta McBride

Debunking the Myths of Tarot and Embracing Tarot’s Benefits

Britta McBride

Should I leave my job? How does (s)he feel about me? Am I in the right  relationship? 

As a tarot reader, I regularly get asked these types of questions, and more. Many times I’m called upon to clarify the many myths and misinformation that have built up around tarot. The most ridiculous one I’ve ever heard says that cat owners who read tarot are susceptible to having their life force drained by their cats in their sleep. I have to wonder who came up with that one…. However, something that has thus far been missing from the roster of tarot related questions I’ve been asked, is probably the most important question of all:

“What are the benefits of getting a tarot reading?”

I can answer that one through personal experience. Mine is a more extreme example, but I credit tarot with saving my life. Tarot, when used properly, allows us to realize our own patterns, especially the ones that keep us stuck in situations that don’t serve us. The cards also reveal the motivations behind complicated behaviour and the energetic blockages that consume our focus. In my case, a large amount of confusion and hurt that surrounded one of my friendships had spiralled me downward into a serious and dangerous depression. Through tarot, I was able to see the situation very differently. The cards and readings I received offered me a sharp change of perspective and this allowed me to see the underlying issues that had coloured the entire exchange between myself and my friend. And once I understood the why’s, I was able to begin releasing all of the hurt that had kept me buried in depression.

And that is the beauty of tarot. It shows us the energy that surrounds our situation from the perspective of “the bigger picture”, which often times we cannot see because our hearts and minds are too involved in what is happening. Tarot reveals both what is blocking us and how we are blocking ourselves. Armed with this new knowledge, we can make wiser decisions. Knowing and understanding why a difficult situation is happening is the first step towards healing it. And the best part of this entire process of self learning and personal enlightenment….. Is that tarot offers guidance on how to push through, avoid pitfalls, find healing, or foster resolutions.

In addition to educating my clients about the benefits of tarot, I’ve sometimes had to contend with tarot-related superstitions. The most common myth is that tarot and tarot users are evil. To me, this one is right up there with cats sucking out your life force. The idea is an historical misconception, deriving from a centuries old ban that the Catholic Church had placed on tarot cards, as the church was inherently against the idea of divination. The church had called tarot the devil’s picture book, and it stuck worse than a bad high school nickname. If one were to look at everything that the church has associated with the idea of the devil at one time or another (the heliocentric model, poetry, dancing, modern medicine, etc.) it makes no sense to continue attaching such stigma to tarot. Doreen Virtue has recently begun to try to break this demonic association with tarot by creating Angelic versions of tarot. But the concept of tarot remains the same whether you call it “Angel tarot”, or just plain tarot.

The second major misconception involves the infamous death card. Let me set that one straight immediately. The Death card does NOT mean you are going to die. Sometimes this card can surface when a person is dealing with the aftermath of a death that has already occurred. But mostly is shows up as a card of transformation. It is not a death in the literal sense, but in a figurative one. It shows that a structure, a relationship, a job, an association, a way of thinking, or a behaviour needs to come to an end, or undergo a shift. It’s an advice card. It tells you to stop hanging on to things that no longer serve your higher good. It tells you that transformations are painful, but necessary. For example, to become a butterfly, a caterpillar must undergo a radical transformation process, in which its entire identity is reformed. But the promise of something better emerges after the transformation. The death card is a card of hope. A promise of the universe filling the painful void of an ending with a new beginning that is beyond the scope of our imagination.

Lastly, but by no means finally, there is the misconception that the cards will predict messages of doom. Except tarot doesn’t actually predict anything. Tarot shows us the energies that currently surround us, and what the outcome of the current line of action is most likely to be. The future is fluid. It is based on free will and choices. If you change the input, the output also changes. So if tarot shows you something negative, it is only providing you with the opportunity to change your behaviour and your energy focus, thus allowing you to change the destination. In this way, tarot functions much like Jacob Marley and the Christmas ghosts did for Ebenezer Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas past showed Scrooge how holding on to hurt in the past led him to his current situation. The ghost of Christmas present showed him how his current actions and behaviours affected his surroundings. And finally the ghost of Christmas yet-to-come showed Scrooge what would happen if his behaviours continued. Not to scare him, not to sentence him, but to enlighten him. And if I recall, Scrooge woke up the next day resolving to be a better person. Tarot is all three of the Dickens’s Christmas ghosts combined. The only real doom lies in choosing not to adjust and grow.


Happy New Year 2016

By: Silvia Gutierrez

JC & SilviaAs the year comes to an end today, I am sitting here at the counter of the Breakthrough Centre. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for all the blessings that this year has brought.

Not everything was perfect or joyous; my year started back home in Mexico. We rushed there to visit my mom in the hospital, she was in very critical condition. Fortunately she is now recovering and getting stronger, but that was not a pleasant or easy time.

Through this year I have also faced fear, doubt, I have felt lost and sad.

At the beginning of the year I came to the realization that the career path I had been following and holding onto for over 10 years was not taking me anywhere. Despite the many promises I could see it dissolving into an endless loop of mediocrity.

I realized that what made me hold on to it was my FEAR of not being seen.

I kept hoping for acknowledgment of my efforts and professional accomplishments, but those I so desperately wanted to be seen by are blinded by their own fears.

Earlier this year I finally was able to understand this pattern of fear and self-defeat.

Back in March I released those fears and decided to take back my own power, I decided I needed to move on.

However, I knew that the career options that my formal education supported were not going to be fulfilling anymore.

Talk about a mid-life crisis.

I wanted to do something more meaningful, something that would allow me to share my own experience with spirituality. I wanted to support as many people as possible and communicate how much the spiritual path can help you in every aspect of life.

I was very scared because I saw no way of making that into a career for me.

Intentions are a powerful thing.

Here I am today, still facing fears and doubt from time to time.

I am doing exactly what I wanted to do, and it is a completely new experience and life style.

I love it!

I enjoy it every single day, but I also have my moments in which I see the practical side of this and just force myself a bit to trust that I will be supported on this path.

Trust that I can make the Centre work and grow.

Trust that I WILL be able to make Breakthrough a stepping stone for many to use in their own path of growing and healing.

I am grateful to have inherited a group of wonderful team members, customers and suppliers that support this dream come true, that make it real.

I am also very grateful for the new team members, customers and suppliers that have joined Breakthrough and are walking with me today.

I let go of fears and insecurities and instead ask for guidance and support, so I know how to honor my life mission.

I am ready for the work that comes with a New Year.

I am grateful that it is me who has been allowed the opportunity to walk with you.

So, You see?

Sometimes we think people have it so good and easy, because that’s all they choose to share with us, that’s all we’re able to see; but nothing is only good and positive, nobody is always happy.

Today I chose to share a bit of every aspect of what this year has been for me to remind you that you are NOT alone.

If you always see me smile, don’t think I won’t understand your worries, don’t think that I can’t relate to your struggle.

Please, don’t think that life is always dark (I thought so for a long time). It’s not always bright either.

Life is the best we can make it with the tools we are able to use every day.

It’s up to us to learn to use better tools and to surround ourselves with those who bring light into our lives.

Here’s to a 2016 full of new opportunities.

May we be able to see them and use them for the highest and best of all.

Carpe Diem!

Love and blessings to you ^ 1 000 000





December 2015

Closing 2015 with love and gratitude

By Silvia Gutierrez

Picture: Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards

changes affirmation


Do you have an End of the Year ceremony or tradition that you like to follow?

I find that a review, gratitude and release of what happened during the year helps put things in perspective & gives direction to work on manifesting what we truly want in the new year.

Here are a few questions that might help you close 2015 on a note of gratitude and set the pace for a wonderful 2016:


  • What describes 2015 for me?
  • Which of my goals for 2015 did I accomplish? Did some of them change?
  • Did I have any unexpected accomplishments?
  • What did I learn from overcoming the challenges that I faced this year?
  • How did I contribute to make the world better?
  • What do I need to release or let go of. So I can make room for the wonderful gifts that 2016 will bring?
  • What am I most grateful for in 2015?

You can also journal about anything else that you need to rant about, don’t hold back, and let it all out. At the end you can either destroy what you’ve written or save it so you can come back to reflect on it later on. If you have a fire on during your ceremony (candle) you can use its healing and transforming power to transmute any heavy energies left over and to fill yourself up with light and warmth.

To end this ceremony, you can send love and gratitude to anyone that you want (especially those people who we had challenging relationships with during the year). Don’t forget to thank your angels and spirit guides; they are always with you, giving you support and guidance.

May this help you close your 2015 with love and light the sparkle in you that will propel you into success and growth in 2016


Silvia Gutierrez

December 2015

What is QiGong?

By Pat

Pronounced ‘Chi Gung’, Qi means energy and Gong means work. This ancient practice focuses on opening the energy lines within the body. Day-to-day stress, anxiety and worry can restrict/narrow energy lines creating energy blockages within the body. Over time these blockages can lead to dis-ease.

The health of our body is dependent upon a clear, strong and balanced flow of energy. Since the practice of QiGong accomplishes this, it’s no surprise that the benefits extend to every physical system of our bodies, as well as to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

Practicing QiGong makes the body strong and supple, improving balance, stamina and flexibility. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and immune and central nervous systems. It allows our sleep-time to be more deep and restorative. Over time, practicing QiGong can reduce or eliminate chronic pain.

The smooth and balanced flow of energy created by QiGong shows itself as a relaxed, peaceful, joyful, and energized state of mind. This QiGong practice includes a guided soft flowing series of movements and stretches (geared to your comfort level), then a very deep relaxation through the body, meditation and stress reduction closing that will leave you floating out of the class. Attaining the full ‘relaxation response’ during QiGong helps release the feel good endorphins. Why is this important? Endorphins encourage white blood cells and white blood cells help the body fight infection and disease.

QiGong leads to the deep release of dis-ease/stress allowing one to return to inner peace and balance – mind, body and soul. Join us Thursday nights for 90 minutes of ‘Inner Peace’ QiGong and experience it’s benefits for yourself!

Peace be with you,



December 2015
New Ways for New Days
By Marta Mazyk

New Ways to New DaysWith every New Year comes an old memory.

With every old memory comes a new feeling.

With every new feeling comes a new behavior.


So, how have we been behaving lately, and has the past year been a tribute to our core values and dreams?

I sure hope so.

I mean, I don’t think God’s making a list and checking it twice, but if He is, maybe He’ll say: You’re doing alright.

This New Year is about bringing forth a new shift in our perception – a new way for viewing a new day. Perhaps some of our old thoughts and beliefs no longer make up the holiday party of our dreams.

So maybe it’s time to find a new theme.

I find that a helpful practice to transition out of the old and into the new is the practice of gratitude.

This little bugger is not really much of a bugger. I mean, the words “thank you” will grant you the greatest gift that God has ever given to you, which, of course, is the gift of love.

In order to make room for the new, what you can do is create a daily list of all the things that mean something to you. Start by giving thanks for your shirt, your bed and for all of the positive thoughts that dwell inside of your head.

In (positive) contrast, I also find it helpful to make a list filled with old regrets. I did this the other day and I found it to be revolutionary on my psyche.

I dare you to try it, too.

Write out each past regret and next to it write down the positive lesson you learned from it. Perhaps failing in one arena made you win in another, or the death of one belief gave birth to another.

Write them all down. Then say a silent prayer, followed by a “thank you” to the universe.

After you are done, enjoy the process of ripping up the regret list. (This, by far, was my favorite part.) It is cathartic to realize that all of our beliefs are held within the palm of our hands, and that “good” or “bad” has nothing to do with happy or sad.

So, happy ripping, dear friends! And remember:

Your list is only as naughty as you are nice.

So don’t think thrice unless, of course, you’re looking to create more new ways, in which case, sign up for my workshop (Pass the Peace Please) in the new year, and together we will have a heyday. (Or so it seems.)

Sending you much love (and jellybeans), Marta Mazyk

About the Author...
Marta Mazyk Marta Mazyk is a writer, holistic healer and spiritual channeler. She enjoys spending her days contemplating her ways. For more information about Marta, please visit her website, or feel free to book a one-on-one consultation with her at the Breakthrough Centre.    

November 2015 Embracing the Dark As the earth sinks into a deep rest By CJ Shelton | Artist & Healing Arts Practitioner  Upper Credit Forest - Sunlight thru trees

I always find November bitter sweet. Gone is the warmth of the sun, its pale face now playing hide and seek among storm clouds that seem to constantly threaten snow or at best, a chill misty rain. The fun and magic of Halloween is past and although Christmas still lies ahead November is a dark stretch that looms with only a promise of long cold nights.

However, on the positive front November marks the seasonal festival of Samhain (pronounced “sow-oon”) on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Samhain traditionally heralded the start of the dark half of the Year, a time for slowing down and begin tending to our more inner fires. Situated between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, for the Celts, Samhain was similar to our New Year’s Day as the festival officially announced the arrival of winter.

November 1 is the actual date of Samhain but like other Celtic festivals it was celebrated on its eve, October 31. The Celts saw the darkness as a time when the ‘veils between the worlds’ were at their thinnest and ‘unquiet’ spirits could easily walk among us. Embedded in this ancient folklore then are the origins of our modern-day Halloween as a time of ghosts, goblins, fairies and all sorts of Otherworldly folk at large.

But it is primarily the absence of the Sun, or more specifically the Sun God, who is reborn at the winter solstice, that the Celts were really paying homage to this time of year. The Sun God was symbolically sacrificed with the final reaping of the summer crops. With his most potent energy now spent and his purpose as consort to the Goddess of the land fulfilled, the fall harvest was both a celebration and a wake – a time to gather summer’s bounty but recognize that survival during the coming winter depended on how well the dying God had performed his duties.

. CJ Shelton - Harvest Knot 2

Many ancient folk customs involved burning a God-figure Millkweed pod mandala in effigy or braiding corn dollies from the wheat of the final harvest. It was believed that the essence of the God lived on in the last remaining stalks and if the dolly was hung indoors throughout the winter it would protect the home and its inhabitants from hunger and cold. The ‘dolly’ was then buried or given back to the land in the spring to fertilize the awakening energies of the Goddess. The Celts intuitively understood that it is in the darkness of the ‘womb or tomb’ that new life is created or reborn. It is also in the darkness of the earth that diamonds are formed. And so it is for us too.

By embracing the dark rather than resenting it (or worse, running from it) we can use this time to honour the beginning of yet another circuit of the great Wheel of Life. Even Nature needs a ‘time-out’ and we would do well to follow her example. After her grand expenditure of energy producing flowers, fruit and new generations of animal life, she is in need of a good rest. This is also the time of year when she cleans house. Not only do the leaves drop but often the sick, the frail and the elderly too. It is all part of natural law. And it can be a valuable lesson for human kind, reminding us that we too need to to take our own ‘time-out’ by recognizing what no longer serves us, what needs to be released, what needs to be honoured for all that it has provided and what can be carried forward with hope for renewal in the coming year.

candle-4-8mdtzub85c-1280x1024When the dull and dreary pre-Christmas countdown is looked at in this new ‘light’, I find it all the more bearable… even when Nature decides to start the ‘wake’ a little early with a surprise snowfall! But as a Maori proverb says:  “turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you”. At this time of year I always make sure there is a candle burning both at home and in my studio, ready to welcome the Sun God when he wakes from his long nap and any passers-by in need of some warmth, beauty and good conversation.


November 2015

God Is a Kid

By Marta Mazyk

All habits are caused by behaviors that were once deemed desirable.

All desires come from feelings that were once associated with love.

All love is subjective because it comes from the object of your desire. 

Your habits, whether they are quirky, tidy, untidy or a little bit too big for you to handle, are simply there because, at one point, you cared enough to make something happen. And, (un)fortunately, that something has decided to stay for the long haul (or so it seems).

Your habits were created by you, and therefore, it is up to you to create new ones (if that is what you desire).Your desire, after all, is the fuel for change. Your desire is the focal point for bringing about whatever new habits you are wishing to form.

All behavior is a form of repetition. Therefore, what you repeat will become a lifelong friend.

Speaking of lifelong friend, the way you experience your childhood (or lack thereof) will determine the way you bond with your Inner Child (or lack thereof).

Your Inner Child is the captain of your ship. He is the one who decides whether you are happy or sad, mad or glad.

Your emotions are meant to be expressed, but if you don’t include the captain, a.k.a. your Inner Child, you might as well abandon your ship.

But before you decide to scream “overboard!” and have a heyday with some pirates, you might want to know a little secret:

Your habits are determined by the captain of your ship, a.k.a. the God that dwells within your heart, a.k.a. your Inner Child.

The more fun you engage in with him – as him – the lighter your life feels. The more you ignore him (and your heart), the more likely he will hide out in the dark and dress up as an “ego,” wearing a variety of ego masks and waiting for the one thing that all children who love Halloween and candy desire:

Your attention.

So, perhaps now would be a good time as any to rekindle that flame with this Little Big Kid called your heart. In order to mend this relationship, it will take practice, love, dedication and persistence.

Just like any other relationship.

If you decide to embark on this journey, it will require you to check in with your Little Big Kid as often throughout the day as need be. Often times, because the events we witness and experience as children are traumatic, an imprint is carried through, creating a blueprint to make up “the modern day you.”

If you wish, you can begin your new habit of breaking unloving habits, by creating a new relationship with your one-and-only guy – your Inner Child.

The more you engage in things that make you smile, the more likely your Inner Child will make life worth your while. You are on the same ship, of course, and you are both rowing towards the kingdom of your heart.

Just ask Jesus. He’s the one who said that “Unless we become like children, we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

So let’s make like Heaven’s children, say “I love you” to our One-and-Onlys, and begin the greatest journey that mankind has ever created:

The one where God and man become One

About the Author...
Marta Mazyk is a healer, writer and spiritual channeler. She has learned to communicate with the spiritual realms through practice, discipline, and then, of course, through her own healing journey. As a result of her conversations with the universe, she has created several methods, techniques, and simple-to-use tools to help heal the mind and to restore peace back into the individual as a whole. Marta looks forward to sharing her information and insights with you, during her lectures and workshops.

To book a consultation with her, please contact Breakthrough Centre at (905) 874-1321, or feel free to visit her website at Life is a miracle if you are willing to get out of its way.