Update on the sale of Breakthrough Centre


Sue is retiring this year after 21 years of running Breakthrough Centre. This news was received with both excitement for Sue’s new adventure and also with some sadness and concern as to what will happen to Breakthrough Centre.

We are happy to announce that Breakthrough Centre will have a new member joining on July 17th. One of our customers, Silvia Gutierrez will be the new owner of Breakthrough Centre.

Sylvia has received ancient Peruvian shamanic energy transmissions and connected with many spiritual guides. She has attended many seminars, classes and energy healing sessions and is passionate about crystals.

Silvia with amethyst specimen, Thunderbay

Silvia with amethyst specimen, Thunderbay

Silvia is committed to Breakthrough Centre’s Core Values and is very excited to be of service to you and support you on your journey.
Breakthrough Centre will be moving to a new location, and will continue to provide a holistic nurturing place to grow your body, mind and spirit. Sue and I will be working with Sylvia over the next few weeks to ensure a smooth transition and continued service.


Here is some important information concerning Breakthrough Centre’s transition:

New email address
Our email address is changing to info@breakthroughcentre.ca effective immediately . Please update our information in your address book.

We are moving July 17th, 2015
Come visit us at our new location, Breakthrough Centre will re-open at our new location on July 25th, 2015.

2 Fisherman Drive, Unit 10 (Highway 10, 1 light south of Sandalwood)

Our new location is 2 Fishermans Drive Unit 10 Brampton

Our new location:  2 Fishermans Drive Unit 10 Brampton